A&T was founded in 2007 as a fair dedicated to Testing and Measurements aiming to contribute the diffusion of the innovation culture, addressing in particular industrial and scientific audiences. At present, it has become the reference event in Italy for this specific sector. In 2015, recommended by robot builders, A&T evolved creating a Robotics Fair, called Robotic World. The goal of actualizing a synergic event between robotics and testing has been remarkably successful in terms of both number of visitors (+ 32% in 2017) and exhibitors (+ 27%). Because the strong growth of the event there arose the need of increase both space and duration of the fair, therefore from the 2017 edition, the event became of three days and it has been relocated at Oval Lingotto Fiere a prestigious pavilion of 20,000 square meters located in Turin.Keeping a perspective towards evolution and innovation, A&T has chosen to update its brand identity by inventing a logo that combined in the best way the two souls of the fair: the robotic and the precision measurement. A&T, Automation & Testing represents the fair essence who brings together the best technology in the field of automated production and accurate product testing.