Brief description

We teach Italian and Portuguese language and culture through our online platforms, to all levels of learners. The calendar of courses is available on this website. After an initial level assessment you can choose either group or individual tutoring.
Our basic 30-hour course package features one-and-a-half hour, weekly or bi-weekly lessons.
Minimum number of participants: 3 students
Maximum number of participants: 6 students

Please see the contact form on this website for any information about costs, methodology, learning materials, payment methods, availability and timetables.


Register by email to confirm course schedules and to send your personal data, that is, full address, tax code number, copy of identity document, document crediting the payment of the course, and, the following completed documents:

  • Your authorization for processing your personal data according to current Privacy law.
  • The language-level self-assessment form.
  • Your letter of acceptance of the Terms of Service.

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