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AMAZON RAINFOREST uncertain resilience

February 27th, 2020|Brazilian culture, without classification|

Climate change, deforestation and fires could cause the world’s largest rainforest to hit a tipping point that could turn much of it into dry scrubland. There would be an impact on biodiversity, livelihoods, carbon emissions and weather patterns. Scientists are desperately exploring just how big the effects might be, when the tipping point could occur — [...]

Develop sustainable

February 5th, 2020|Brazilian culture, without classification|

Brazil is a country with an immense responsibility towards humanity. First, because it contains the largest portion of the Amazon rainforest, a critical element stabilizing the Earth’s climate system. Second, its well-conserved terrestrial ecosystems store immense amounts of carbon and 12% of global water resources. Third, its terrestrial and marine ecosystems harbour 10% of the world’s [...]

The Brazilian People: The Formation and Meaning of Brazil

July 28th, 2019|Brazilian culture, without classification|

Anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro (1913-1997) was one of the greatest Brazilian intellectuals of the 20th century. Based on Darcy's central work, 'The Brazilian People', in which the author answers the question 'Who are the Brazilians?', Investigating the formation of our people. 'The Brazilian people' is a re-creation of the narrative of Darcy Ribeiro and discusses the formation [...]